All journeys have secret destinations, of which the traveler is unaware.

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am. Philippians 4:11b


Mac Attack...

So, I got a Mac.  Finally.  I've wanted  a Macbook Pro for about 8 years. I wanted one when I was in college because that's what we used for all our editing in class.  After some very generous donations, which I've already talked about here, I finally have my Mac.  I still kind of can't believe it's really mine.  I think it's really cool how I've wanted one for so long, but never could get one and now that I want it to use for the mission I have been able to get it.  It's actually a little bit scary.  I mean, God provided this laptop for me, through the donations of people I know.  That means God is expecting me to use it for HIS purposes.  And THAT means I better make some videos for the mission. 
I guess I am a little worried that I will make some videos and people will see them and think (or even say to me)..."you mean this is all you can do with that fancy expensive computer?"....I have to keep telling myself that it's the devil planting that thought in my head.  I know that I can make good quality pieces.  I just need to have confidence in my ability.  God must have some confidence in my ability or I suppose he wouldn't have provided the computer would he?  I know people are expecting good things maybe I'm feeling a little pressure to produce good stuff.  Then again, maybe the pressure is coming from within. 
I'm working on transfering files and things from my PC to my Mac....and then I want to re-vamp my newsletter and get a good looking template for it set.  Presentation on Sunday at Stoneybrook...excited about that!  SB is one of those congregations I think anyone can feel at home in.  There are some people there (quite a few actually) that have known me nearly my whole life so I guess I feel closer to SB than to some congregations.  I'm excited to tell them about Ghana in part because I know they're excited to hear about Ghana. 
I feel like I have lots to get done before I leave for Ghana again.  There are some things I need to buy for myself and for others.  There are some things I need to get organized, luggage, mailing lists, addresses of friends etc.  I have a photo journal on line that I want to get updated and completely squared away so people can look at it before I go.  There's at least one trip to the beach planned in there.  I would like to see my grandma and brothers again before I go.  It feels like the time is flying the beginning of this visit it dragged on day by it seems like the days are just here and gone! 
I am really ready to get back to Ghana.  I sort of feel bad sometimes because of the people I know, most of them when they travel, they really miss their families and "home."  But I can't really say I've missed the US that much.  There are some people that I've missed....but not in the way that other people I've observed do.  I've never really felt homesick or missed family and friends so much that I wanted to leave Ghana.  Maybe it's because I lived alone for a couple of years before I went so I was already used to being away from people somewhat.  Maybe God just designed me this way because in His infinite wisdom He knew I'd be in Africa someday and it would be better for me to be one of those kinds of people that can be at home just about anywhere.  In all honesty, I feel like Ghana is home.  And I feel like NC is home.  I know that neither of them is REALLY home...
Planning a post in the near future about "what makes me feel at home"

for the time being...

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