All journeys have secret destinations, of which the traveler is unaware.

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am. Philippians 4:11b



I've been thinking about memories a lot lately.  There are things I've seen and heard and done in my life that I'd rather not remember.  I'm sure everybody has things in their lives like that.  But, if you could erase those memories, would you?  I mean, don't you wish sometimes that you could forget some things...I listened to a podcast this week by Any Stanley called "Defining Moments."  So far it's a really good series, but it has made me think of a lot of things.  He talks about how everyone has some type of defining moment in their life.  I hate that some of the people I know now have these defining moments in their lives that are bad things.  I hate that some people's defining moment is tragic.  There are people I know that will forever refer to their life as before X event or after X event.  Here's another question for you have good memories that you wish you could erase?   What?!! Why would you erase good memories?  Well, what if you have memories that are good memories, but because of something that happened, those good memories cause you pain?  How good do the memories have to be to outweigh the pain they cause? 
On a different note, does it make you feel bad/guilty/whatever when you know someone that has experienced a tragedy and you look at then differently because of it?  I guess in a way it's almost impossible to not look at people differently when they've experienced some great loss.  It's not exactly that you feel sorry for them......I can't explain what I mean really.  I wish so much that there was some way to help them forget some of those memories....even if just for a little while.  I am so sad when I see them and the happiness and joy they used to have seems's like the light they had has gone out.  I know that slowly the light will come back, but it's hard to see your friends suffering and have no way to comfort them.  I don't expect them to be happy....I certainly wouldn't be, but what do you do to bring happiness to someone that has been just demolished by tragedy?  I wish I could share the light I have with them.....I would gladly do so if I could.  I don't know what to say, so I just say "I'm  praying for you" which is true, but probably feels sort of empty to them, especially since every person they see tells them that. 
On yet another note; this is my last weekend in the United States for at least the next school year!  I'm flying out on Tuesday to go to Ghana via Detroit then NYC.  It's crazy, I know!  I almost can't believe that this time next week I'll be back in Ghana again.  So if you don't hear from me for a while on here....that's why.  If you want to get my email newsletter/updates you can email me at


it has begun

This time next week......I will be on plane, on my way to Ghana.  That means that my week of craziness has officially begun.  I have got SO much to do in the next 7 days that if I think about it I might actually go crazy.  ( I know, here are all the jokes about how I'm already crazy....blah blah blah).  I have to get my luggage packed.  I have to get stuff packed to put in the shipping container that is being sent over to the mission in October.  I have to take my cat to where I'm taking him since nobody I know wanted him..which means I have to find the nearest no-kill animal shelter I can.  I need to go see my Grandma, she's already mad at me for going back to Ghana in the first place...I better try to arrange some type of peace treaty with her before the week's over.  My dad wants to take me out to eat sometime this week...I find this humorous and offensive at the same time, but that's a totally different story.  On Monday we're packing the shipping container so I need to be here for that.  My mom will probably want me to come & stay at her house for the weekend...My friends all want me to hang out with them....earlier this summer there was talk of a going away party for me...who knows if that will happen.  I have things I still need/want to buy to take with me.  Some things for me, some for my friends, some for my students.  I would like to get a new wireless card for my computer and have it installed....that probably won't happen....but it would be nice.  I can't believe I'm leaving in a week.  The summer has felt terribly long and ridiculously short all at the same time.  I'm stressed a little because I'm not even totally sure how many committed supporters I have...and the email I just sent out a lot of them got returned for a reason that I haven't figured out yet.  Just as a side note, why do computer glitches always have codes instead of just giving a reason why something went's annoying to see "this email failed to be delivered because of a permanent error...sorry it didn't work out"  at the beginning of an email telling me that most of the 126 people I sent the email to didn't get it. you can see, I'm quickly going crazy(er) so I better just go to bed now....who knows if I'll actually be able to sleep....I'll try to post again before I leave, when I'm not as crazy. 



Recently I've been having fun playing around with pictures on It has lots of cool tools for photo editing. I wish I could get a version of it that is not online. Anyway, here are my two favorites from this week....don't be shocked, they are actually pictures of yours truly....I particularly like the first picture. Even though it kind of looks like some kind of musician glossy photo or something. I just like the style. The second one was my facebook picture for a couple of days and actually got lots of comments. Who knows....anyway, I'll probably play around with more pictures soon and post more just for fun.