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I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am. Philippians 4:11b


Cash Flow....

man, I mailed a check Friday to pay for my airline that was donated to me by a total stranger. Today a minor problem that I had with my laptop became major. When I was in Ghana my laptop got knocked off of a table in my was in the case, but still. After that I noticed a crack in the screen housing (the bezel). It had been opening & closing just fine, I was just extra careful to hold the bottom left side of the screen when I opened & closed it. But today, I went to close the lid and it wouldn't close....grrrrr. I think the hinge is even bent now or something like that. According to the Geed Squad guy at Best Buy it will cost between $200-250 to get it fixed & they would have to send it off to Dell. It's not under warranty anymore either so it would all have to be paid for by me, including shipping. I'm leaving in a month to go back to Ghana. Exactly a month....I should be flying out of NC on September 15th. Very exciting stuff......but I have a lot to get done before then. I need to get a list of people that have actually committed to monthly donations for me, so I'll know what to expect. I need to buy some more clothes & school supplies. I need to get my laptop fixed. I need to get someone to adopt my cat. I need to help with the packing & loading of the shipping container we're sending over. I need to get together with my family one last time before I leave the country for Lord knows how long. Etc etc etc.....I've been feeling incredibly un-productive lately....I guess the only remedy for that is to DO something productive...I'll get to work on that in the morning....g'night.

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Chris Woolard said...

I can probably fix your laptop for the cost of parts. I've actually done it before. put a whole new front bezle and new hinges (which you probably don't need) for like ...?60?ish bucks. I'd be glad to take a look at it. I've also replace a couple of screens and a whole casing before. I'm by no means a pro but I'm pretty confident that I can fix it.

if you want to try, you can send me the model name or number or whatever of your computer....and/or you can search yourself on a website like for the parts. We can shop around for the cheapest parts and shipping should be quick.