All journeys have secret destinations, of which the traveler is unaware.

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am. Philippians 4:11b



Sometimes I just get disgusted with our high-tech, instant gratification, self-centered society. I was browsing on the internet today and I came across an ad for THIS This whole idea makes me feel a little sick. Someone calls themself a Christian and is actually concerned with giving to their particular congregation but they can't seem to make the time to just go to the bank or write a check sometime before Sunday morning? Seriously? And it gives a receipt...which THIS SITE says people apparently drop into the collection plate so that others don't think they're not giving.....or maybe they even "accidentally" drop it so someone can find it and discover how much they're giving. AHH! things like this make me want to just scream. Are Christians in America really like this? Most of the ones I know personally are definitely not, which is very assuring to me....but the fact that there are people calling themselves Christian that are concerned with outward appearance and with having the most convenient "church going experience" available just makes me sick. Let me just throw this out there...You don't 'go to church' ARE THE CHURCH and here's another little tid-bit of info...when you go to assemble together with other Christians, IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! or your neighbor, or your friend across the aisle or the preacher or the people singing/playing music etc. IT'S ABOUT GOD! end of story. You really can't inconvenience yourself and go to the bank before Sunday morning assembly or mail a check for your tithe to the office of the congregation? These machines cost $5000 with a $50 a month operation fee. What congregation really thinks that's a better investment than giving that 5 grand to a needy family, or to mission work in the foreign field. I know from living in Ghana that $5000 US dollars would go a loooooong way in Ghana, and I'm sure it would in just about every other underdeveloped country in the world.
When are people going to get it. Come on Christians....grow some backbones. when you see crap like this...don't fall for it. If you think this machine is a good idea, you need to seriously think about stewardship and how everything we have on this earth is given to us by God to make His name known and glorified. You really think a credit card swipe machine in the foyer of your church building glorifies God? I certainly don't...and honestly, if I attended a congregation that seriously considered one of these ridiculous things...I think I'd have to seriously consider finding a new congregation.

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Jill said...

wow........unbelievable. I am disgusted with you.