All journeys have secret destinations, of which the traveler is unaware.

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am. Philippians 4:11b


this world

so, I've only lived in 3 places my whole life. -the house I grew up in - The house I lived in when I was in college -and the apartment I live in now. I haven't had a lot of opportunities to pack up and move and just look at all the stuff I have. I've been working this week to get my apartment packed up. I have to be out by the end of Nov. Just looking at the small amount of stuff I moved today, I can't believe how much STUFF I have. I have boxes and boxes of stuff that I moved to my mom's today, and that's just the tip of the iceberg. When I went to Haiti, I came back with a new sense of how much we (Americans) have. But going to Africa was a whole different story. I mean, I live in a 700 sq foot apartment by myself. I have a car that I own. I have cable TV. I have wireless high speed internet 24 hours a day. I have heat and AC. I have running water. I have electricity. Those are things that every person I know here considers necessary. But the truth is, for the most part, they are NOT necessary. When I go to Ghana, I will more than likely be sharing a bedroom with 3-4 other people. The shower will not be hot. The electricity will go out. It will be almost unbearably hot. I will probably get sick. You might be thinking "wait, you want to go there?" Yes, I want to go. This post kind of went off track...I'm not even sure what I was trying to get at when I started typing....hmm. I guess basically I'm just realizing how incredibly lucky I am. and spoiled. It makes me sad when people don't care about the rest of the world. I feel like I don't care enough, so when I see people that care even less than me, that could be doing SO much to improve someone's life.....I just don't get it. I guess that's part of living in this world.

This world has nothing for me, and this world has everything, all that I could want and nothing that I need.

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