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I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am. Philippians 4:11b


let's lighten the mood a little

so, a couple of serious posts and now for something a little different. I'm here by myself at my apartment cleaning up cooking lunch etc. I have the Food Network on just for something in the back ground. So, Ina Garten (ie the Barefoot Contessa) has a "new" show on FN. Now don't get me wrong, I like her recipes as much as anybody else. I've cooked quite a few of them and they always give great results. But, she had a show at one time, Barefoot Contessa, and best I can figure this "new" show is basically the same recipes as the old show. FN is not even trying to cover up the fact that they're taping new versions of the same recipes. The tag-line for the show is something like "all my classics with the volume turned up" I mean seriously? People really like her so much that they'll be ok with watching her cook the same recipes she cooked on the other show with one or two tweaks in them? I don't get it. FN is disappointing to watch a lot of times now. It used to be chefs (real chefs) with cooking shows. Now it's more like a home cook that shows all their little tricks for how to get the fastest, cheapest result. I guess it's just not for me. I don't like trying to turn everything into 30 minute meal. I LIKE slow food. Braised short ribs for example take a long time, but they are worth it. I still watch the Food Network, but I'm picky about the shows I watch. Give me Top Chef over FN Start anyday!


Amanda H. Avery said...

I agree--I really love the Food Network, and there are a lot of times I want something fast and easy to prepare. However, there is something to be said for a meal that takes all day to prepare--and the MMMM when you finally sink your teeth into it.

Top Chef is def. one of my favorites! I'm excited about the new season!!!

BAMboozle said...

I'm excited about the new TC too. but I'll probably miss most of it b/c I'm leaving for Ghana as soon as I can. You wanna tape it for me? I know, tape, that's sooooo 1994