All journeys have secret destinations, of which the traveler is unaware.

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am. Philippians 4:11b



yeah, I know I've been posting a lot lately.....sue me..

So, I had a bit of a revelation this weekend. It's not something I've never thought about before, it's just something that I think I didn't ever really let sink in until this weekend. But first, some background. I'm the youngest in my family and the only girl. While I wouldn't say that I was or am spoiled, I'm sure I got out of doing my fair share of some things, like cleaning my room. When it came to things like that it seemed like mom was always more than happy to just do it for me. So I guess you could say that there were some things in life that I didn't really have to do, they were just given to me. Well, for some reason, it hit me this weekend that now that I'm an adult, that isn't going to happen. If there are things I want, or things that I feel God is calling me to do, I'm going to have to DO IT MYSELF! I don't mean "myself" as in totally alone, I'd be foolish to think that I could somehow achieve anything without God being in control of it. I mean more like, if there are things that I feel like need to change in my life, no one else on this earth is going to feel the exact same way about them as I do. Therefore, if I want something to change, I have to be the catalyst of that change. I can no longer sit on my tail and feel pitiful because things aren't the way I want them. I need to shut up, stop making excuses and just try my hardest to fix the problems. I need to be willing to do whatever it takes. In any aspect of my life. I want to go to Africa and I feel like God is calling me back there, I need to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there. I am totally out of shape, God gave me this body and I have a responsibility to take care of it, I need to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get healthy. So basically this is not a new idea...just one that I saw with a new perspective this weekend.

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