All journeys have secret destinations, of which the traveler is unaware.

I have learned to be content in whatever circumstance I am. Philippians 4:11b


can you keep a secret?

So, I have a secret for you. Don't tell anybody, but I'm am totally, utterly scared of speaking in front of people. I'm raising support so I can go live in Ghana for however long God decides. But the idea of getting up in front of the several hundred people at church to ask for prayer about the trip scares me more than going to live thousands of miles away in a third world country. It's ridiculous! The thought of getting up in front of that many people (far less people even) absolutely freaks me out. You might say, "yeah, but it's just the people at church...." and you're right, if I can't feel comfortable with the people I go to church with then where can I feel comfortable right. But I am NOT an out in front of everybody kind of person. I like to just blend into the crowd. Honestly, getting up in front of the church to speak to everybody is really really far outside of my comfort zone. Lord help me....


Campus Christian Fellowship said...

I know this probably won't make a difference, but I'll go with you, if you want. I mean it, I'll go and get up in front of people with you.


kbc said...

Bam a lama... you? Like to blend in? no way! :)

Luckily you have a certain Spirit inside of you who's willing to do the work... and by the looks of it a certain Kellar who's willing to stand with you.

And I'm standing with you too... only half a world away. I adore you and am so excited for you!


Amanda H. Avery said...

I will stand up there too, but I don't want to talk either. People over 4'6" make me nervous.....